The Game Area

Our Gaming-Area

The game takes place on the grounds of the Pfeiffer family in beautiful Carinthia. The playground is only about 30 minutes from Klagenfurt and Feldkirchen, as well as 15 min. from St. Veit / Glan and therefore absolutely centrally located.

The area is a dense forest of more than 10,000 m² with two towers and a ditch as well as various possibilities to cover at 1250 meter above sea level. The air here is noticeably thinner - but very low in pollutants and allergenes.

The temperpature is about 5 ° C less in summer and about 5 ° C higher in autumn / winter compared to the valley. The best conditions for healthy, outdoor exercise and a little adrenaline kick for everyone!
We made a labyrinth-like path into the forest :
TEam Schuss aus der Deckung

You can see your opponents, but they are hard to hit. In the middle of the forest is the refreshing base. Here you can fully recharge your shooting energy. You just have to approach the base to within a few yards.

During and after the refresh phase, the player is invulnerable for 10 seconds, but can not shoot either. The base is also a good place to rest safely.

From Liebenfels we are signposted "Lazer".

Open all year by appointment from 10:00 to 21:00; also on Sundays and public holidays.

During or immediately after heavy rain or snow can only be played in our especially prepered hall.

In the dark you will play with plug-in LED spotlights or (at an additional cost) using night vision helmets.

Playing appointments only with telephone or written reservation and appointment confirmation!

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