The Game

The Game

At present, four to nine people can simultaneously play the "LaZer Tournament" in futuristic armor and with weapon-like transmitters either in cooperation or against each other on our 10,000 square meter site. Larger groups are also possible with special background stories that include additional tasks. The expansion to a total of 16 people is currently being worked on.

Before the game, each participant receives a numbered game set consisting of armor and gun-like transmitter.

The player number is located at the soulder armor.

Happy Spieler am LaZer Spielgelände Liebenfels

On the right side of the armor, the shield energy is displayed on a red LED display. The transmitter also has a display on which you can read off the remaining shot energy. 

There are three shooting modes at the transmitter's switch: single fire, triple burst, or continuous fire (as long as the trigger is pressed). In the shot simulation, the shot energy is felt by the strong vibration recoil of the entire gun. In parallel, an infrared signal and a non-hazardous Class 2 laser beam are activated.

Neue LAZER live action Waffen Prototypen spielbar

In the display of the transmitting unit (gun) you can read the remaining shooting energy. (ammo) After the first hit you get shown shooting and shield energy alternating on the display. 

The shield energy is marked by two dots under the display. The shooting energy at the base in the center of the area can only be refreshed by approaching the loading point, but the shield energy reduced by hits can not be loaded. 

In, during and after the refresh phase, the player is invulnerable for ten seconds, but can not fire himself either. 

The base is also a good place to rest. If there is no shield energy left, the current round ends for each player. A hit is simulated by a vibration of the armor. At the same time the shield energy, visible on the display on the right side of the chest, is counted down one point and the shoulder emblems light up.

At this moment, the shield comes up, so that for a certain time no other enemy hit - but also no own shot is possible. The deactivation time is shown on the display of the gun and counted down.

When you return into the game, the armor vibrates again and the shooting energy and shield energy are alternately displayed in the gun display. The armor energy is, as already mentioned, specially marked by additional dots at the bottom of the display to facilitate reading in the heat of the moment.

The system reacts to solar radiation: the stronger it is, the worse one is to hit. But free, wet surfaces also have disadvantages - you have to leave them at some point. And then everyone knows where you are ... (the new Version 11 is already able to be played in full sun)

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