working to integrate the first Prototypes

First tests of the LaZer System Integration Version 11.0

After the first weapons prototypes have been largely completed and the new sensor systems without shoulder armor parts ready for testing, we have already begun with the first integration into an armor. (Trooper Armor similar to Star Wars OT)

For this we chose a classic Trooper armor, which is capable of stunt use from the base (battle ready). Means: with this armor you can actually act realistically. For example, the helmet is modified and equipped with a neat headgear, ventilation and other features for comfortable playing over a longer period of time.

Below is an example of what such conversions might look like.

!!! This is NOT comparable to OUR CONSTRUCTION and is for illustrative purposes only !!!

!!! Our conversion is characterized by its authenticity and action based realism !!!

All conversions that we make to the existing armor for the game, are either integrable without changing the look or are easy to replicate. Appropriate assembly instructions will be provided at the time of the series production model, so that you yourself are able to integrate our system into all your role-playing apparel or armor without causing optical damage.

For other game worlds, armor and garments are similarly modifiable. Our developer Hilmar puts special emphasis on this with 20 years of live RPG experience.

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Your LaZer team

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