Indigogo campaign in planning

After several years of development and positive feedback for our gaming system "Lazer Tournament" passed by, it's time to take the next step. From the very beginning, we endeavored to be able to offer the gaming system also to those who want to play independently of location and attach importance to environmental friendliness and easy integration into various fantasy or computer gaming worlds.

Aber auch Freunde, Gruppen und Familien, die gern gemeinsam Abenteuer-Spiele erleben wollen, sind die passende Zielgruppe. 

Rollenspiel Live Lazer gaming

Due to the successful implementation of the system, which makes it possible to experience shooter games in real life without glorifying violence, we see a magnificent market for this. Therefore, we are planning an Indigogo campaign in the near future, with which we will finance our production-ready and further refined system via crowdfunding.

The goal of the campaign is to produce large numbers of the new system "Lazer Live Action Games" in series quality and make it accessible to anyone who is interested. There will be single systems as well as system packages for families and groups as well as organizers. In addition, the integration and adaptability to, for example, StarWars armor and weapon classes will be completed in the first step.

LaZer Live Action role play

As the campaigns on Indigogo are also extensible, in the second step of the campaign we will also offer individual components in the kit system for those who would like to create their own weapons or weapon classes individually.

Our newest system can basically be adapted to almost all requirements. Not only weapons, but also magic skills can be integrated with a freely programmable RPG scoring system. Magic shields, "Force Push" or similar ideas are feasible and already in the series system as an option.

With these capabilities, our system takes live roleplaying events to a whole new level. 

Discussions about hits or non hits and similar inconveniences are a thing of the past. Our system is so simple that technical difficulties are almost eliminated.

The upcoming system is capable of handling as many as 65,000 players at a time and game. Although it is unlikely that so many players will ever play at the same time, we will create a forum based community on this site, so that interested and active players can find each other and arrange indiviidual games.

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