Area Prices

Pricing at our gaming area

The game is played from four people up to a maximum of nine players per game. (up to 16 is in work) Booked is a minimum gaming time of 50 minutes. 

If the game is over to early, a second round will start for free. The total playing time may not exceed 60 minutes in order not to delay subsequent events, instead you have booked more.

If necessary, the game ends prematurely.

Preis pro Person (mind. 4 Spieler): 15,50 € .

Gruppenbild LaZer Spieler

Discounts & additional costs

Rollenspiel in real life

Schüler, Studenten, Lehrlinge , Wehr- und Zivildienstleistende zahlen nur 12,50 € pro Person.

Additional costs when using night vision helmets: 4 € per helmet

Discounts, discounts and promotions can not be combined.

Catering service, celebrations and accommodations

We are happy to offer an individual catering especially to your wishes. Just ask!

Small snacks and refreshments we keep ready for you anyway.

Special offers for special events, individual birthdays or large groups are available on request.

Also for holiday wishes in our fabulous nature, we are prepared. We operate exclusive holiday and guest accommodations.

Please note!

Please wear firm footwear and appropriate clothing or bring your own.
We recommend long sleeves and pants as well as dark clothing and gloves in colder temperatures.

Parking right on and next to the area

Individual offers for special events or for large groups, we provide you on request.

We offer catering according to your wishes.

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