Game Scenario

The Game Scenario

Your heart beats up to your neck. You have just been hit, which is unpleasantly clear to you by the merciless vibration of the activated shield. Now all energy is directed to the shield, so shooting back is out of question. "Nothing like hiding, before the armor goes down again", it fires through your head. At last nobody seems to follow you. Quickly, you are breathing hard, running behind the next tree and take cover. Now you have time to look at the display of your transmitter: 2 ... 1 .... with the vibration of the armor is clear: you're back in the game.

LaZer Live Action Schuß im Liegen

Now the weapon displays "20". "Damn," you think, "only 20 shots left! I urgently need to find the refill point. Then the 11th lights up - "Only 11 more hits, then I'm out ". There, a rustle behind you: the player with the number 5 scurries past you. "This time I catch him first and take him out of the game", you think and look at him ......

In the year 2087 many planets of the solar system and neighboring systems are colonized. After humankind was about to be extinguished by extended colonial wars, there is finally peace.

To protect it, every inhabited planet was protected by overweaponized and well armored orbital platforms. Thus, attacks and encroachments are prevented in large naval forces and warships. Only smaller ships are able to pass. 

In order to be prepared for these so-called "raiders", each planet maintains training sessions in which all civilians are encouraged to train. There, the participants measure each other in the Lazer tournament and train their skills, fitness and hit-precision, as well as tactical action in a team or alone.

Trained be under real conditions of the respective planet, mainly with the RSX 3000. The system includes a Gauss laser weapon, which is able to break any shield or any armor. The armor is a armor vest with energy shield.
Since the extended wars have ended and taking into account the impending eradication of humanity, human life is considered the highest good, the shield switches if risk of injury is high. 

All energy is transfered from the gun to the shield, providing complete protection. 

Once the shield energy is consumed, all energy from the transmitter is permanently placed on the shield. Thus, the player can not shoot and is indeed taken out from the action, but in safety.
Solar energy improves the performance of the shield: the stronger the radiation, the harder it is to reduce the protective power of the shield .... 

However, after sometime everyone has to leave the save space - and then everyone knows where to find them ...

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