Game Variations

Variants of Gameplay

Of course we provide different game variants to play. For the near future, a number of different storylines are also planned. Here is an overview for the currently available standard variants:

“Last man standing”:

Everyone competes against each other or groups against each other. In the end, the player who is the last having shield energy, or the group whose player has left shield energy, has won

“Save the ammo”:

Instead of ammo you can refresh your armor energy again at the refill point. Who has no more ammo is out of the game.

For advanced gameplay:

“Capture the flag” mal anders:

One group occupies the left and the other the right tower in the forest for its base.

The flag is placed in the middle tower at the end of the playing field and in front of the ditch.
Both groups start each at their own tower. Once everyone has arrived, the groups will tell each other by calling and the game will start.
The goal is to capture the flag and deliver it to your own tower.

Only an active player with shield energy remaining (i.e., the transmitter display is still active) may take the flag and / or carry it. If the flag bearer no longer has shield energy - the transmitter display is off and he can not shoot anymore - he must immediately place the flag at the next tree or stick it in the ground and go to the refill point for its shield energy and possibly also to refresh his ammo. Only then can he actively participate in the game again. In general, anyone who has no shield energy and / or ammo left, must go to Refill- / collection point to recharge for being able getting back into the game

Aus der Deckung
Die zwei Türme Spielvariante
“Team Fortress”:

One group occupies the left and the other the right tower in the forest for its base.

If you no longer have shield energy left - the transmitter display is off and you can not shoot anymore - you have to go to the collection / refill point to refresh your shield energy and possibly your ammo as well. Only then can you are able to get back into the game

If the opposing base is touched by an active player, the base is considered taken and that team wins.


As a team, try to get as many kills as possible. In the end, it will be evaluated electronically. But beware of friendly fire: kills of the own team members are reducing your points.

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