What is the difference to systems such as Laser Tag, Laser Tech, Laser Tag, Lasertech, Lasermaxxx, etc.?

The LaZer system was specially developed by and for us. The main focus is on the most realistic futuristic battle simulation possible. For this purpose extra heavy weapon-like burnished steel transmitters and variants of combat-proven armor have been developed, which let the player completely immersed in the action. The sounds for shot and hit simulation are not generated artificially from speakers, but mechanically by special installations in transmitter and armor. Both give the player in shots, hits, timeouts, etc. automatically corresponding haptic feedback without having to look at the transmitter

The concept is designed to give a player experienced with the system no advantages over a novice, solely because of the fact that he knows the advantages and disadvantages of the hardware and / or software exactly. That's why we have not only re-engineered a totally innovative game, but also tried to analyze the weak points of existing systems and eliminate them as much as possible.

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