What is LaZer

On the one hand, the development of our LaZer brand was inspired by the idea of ​​turning different types of computer games into an adventure in the real world and on the other hand, to create the possibility of adding an extended level of realism to live action role playing.

The time-consuming discussions about any hit or not hit and amount of damage are a thing of the past. Our gaming system is based on many years of LARP (live action role playing) experience and as many

Lazer Live Action Game Logo HD

DI Hilmar Pfeiffer im Lazer Spielyears of development done by our graduate engineer DI Hilmar Pfeiffer

In the moment, our gaming system can be played only on our own area. The distribution of the system is planned contemporary so that everyone can buy it and play it everywhere in every possible setup.

Our development team is fully made of people, who have a great big passion for adventure gaming and a sense for reasonable realism in such games.

Reasonable realism to us means, that factors of possible risk for injury or environmental impact are considered well. The realism with our live action gaming system turns out in a way, so that the system creates a physically perceptible feedback and hitpount counting without any possible injury or pain are possible, if used in the intended way.

To mention in contrast games such as "paintball" or "airsoft" which can lead to injuries or painful experiences. These systems also require ammunition in the form of various projectiles, which of course represent a huge burden on the environment and causes additional costs. Even with biodegradable ammunition, the production goes hand in hand with energy consumption that should not be underestimated.

Our game system is suitable for all ages from 7 years. The system is designed to make a nice family outing an unforgettable adventure. In our experience the most diverse people really enjoy these kinds of games - some do not even know it before they play the first time.

Unfortunately, the non-negligible disadvantages associated with other game systems greatly reduced the number of possible fans and players: additional costs for ammunition, environmental incompatibility, risk of injury, excessive realism, but also inaccuracy, short range, sensor reflections and the restrictions imposed by legal requirements of some systems severely limit their possibilities.

Our goal is not just to solve these problems, but to add even more options for maximum gameplay. The adaptability of our system for all types of live action role playing is fantastic.

The current version (prototype pics to find in the news section) can be fully integrated into any armor, role-playing, or cosplay clothing without changing their individual, often hard-earned look. Almost all types of weapon classes can be integrated and even magic skills can be realistically represented.

Currently we are working on the integration of Star Wars weapons and armory. In the near future magical staffs and gloves with own skills are planned. We consider the backward compatibility and expansion compatibility of our system in our planning to avoid useless costs for players. Sustainability and durability are very important to us.

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