Das Spiel-System

The System - a short view

The current version of the LaZer Live Action System used on our site is development stage 9 - "RSX 3000". In this model, there is still a cable connection between the weapon and armor.

The "RSX 3000" is the basis of all subsequent versions, because in this variant, all early bugs have been solved so far that extensions can be built on it without causing problems. Here the safety aspect in terms of perfect functionality is absolutely in the foreground. 

At the moment, version 11 is being finalized, which works as wireless as possible. It is already well suited to be integrated into various armor systems, although this role is actually intended for the newest version we are working on at the moment. Version 12 then carries all the necessary technical enhancements to really programmatically or physically integrate every possible game type.

Lazer Live Action System Vers 11 Prototype

The "RSX 3000" (vers. 9) - the System

The "RSX 3000" is a simulation of a future-used shield unit with a projectile absorption field and a protective energy shield as well as a directly coupled Gauss laser gun.

A hit is simulated by a vibration of the armor. The shield energy is counted down, which can be read on the display on the right side of the chest.

At the same time, the shoulder emblems light up and the shield raises so that no further hits are possible for a certain time but own shooting isn't possible either.

The deactivation time is shown in the display of the gun. Upon re-entry into the game, the armor vibrates briefly and the shot and armor energy are alternately displayed on the gun display. The armor energy is characterized by additional points at the bottom of the display to facilitate reading in the heat of the moment.

In the shot simulation you can feel the shooting energy through strong vibration recoil of the entire gun. In parallel, an IR signal and a non-hazardous class 2 laser beam are activated.

On the display build into the transmitting gun, you can read the remaining shooting energy. After the first hit you will be shown shot and shield energy. 

The shield energy is marked with two dots under the display. With the switch on the side you can switch between single shot, triple burst and continuous fire.

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