new planned Features for the Gaming Area 2019/2020

New attractions at the game area in Liebenfels

We want to make the gaming expierience on our LaZer gaming area in Liebenfels/Carinthia even more exciting and eventful. Throughout the 2019 and 2020 season, we plan to install various attractions into our "Dark Forest" (10,000 m²) that will not only enhance your visualgaming experience, but will also be partially usable, means: can be actively integrated into the game.

Klagenfurter Becken AussichtIn our forest facing the Klagenfurt basin, a new weekend accommodation with upscale living quality is planned, which is integrated into a visually realistic "Twin Ion Engine" bomber (TIE - bomber). 

The cockpit window will be aligned so that you get a wonderful view of both the Klagenfurt basin, as well as at the free starry sky

In our gaming forest itself not only various crashed flying objects will be found, but also a so-called AT-ST Walker, which can also be used as cover or as a gun turret.

LaZer Spiel Gelände Liebenfels Attraktionen

Which attractions will be ready at what time is not yet certain. But it is certain that we will start the installation this season.

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